Eat Move Win beta test wraps up with excellent results – full release in January

We teamed up with nutrition education change-makers Dairy Council of CA to create Eat Move Win -- a web-based high school program that empowers students.

By Sally Dew

Eat Move Win is a new, interactive web-based high school program developed by nutrition education change-makers Dairy Council of CA. The five-lesson online program empowers students to take small steps to better eating and healthy habits. By presenting current, research-based, nutrition information, students learn to change their eating behaviors for a healthy lifestyle.

The Dairy Council of CA teamed with long-time development partner, 2Plus2 Partners, to build the online course module. “Combining learning with technology to create a more engaging experience is what we do best,” said Cathy Dew, CEO of 2Plus2 Partners, “and with nutrition education experts Dairy Council of CA on our team, we were able to deliver the best of both worlds.” The online delivery of the Eat Move Win program offers many benefits to students and educators alike. The delivery platform is very flexible and available on individual student devices (laptops, tablets and phones). The program is issue-based and relevant to high schoolers. Incorporating information and data with interactivity makes learning a more engaging experience and students have fun. In addition, the module nature of the program makes it repeatable and scalable to other subjects and class sizes.

Among the most popular features of the tool for educators are the ability to add and edit student profiles and monitor participation and course completion. Future plans for the tool include adding new course modules based on demand. “Delivering education in more channels with more engagement is an important goal of our organization,” said Maureen Bligh, MA, RDN, Project Manager for Adult Learning and Education at the Dairy Council of CA. “Working with 2Plus2 to expand functionally in a way consistent with our growth and cause has made more possible sooner. We are a good team!”

Formative testing of the Eat Move Win program took place in October and November and included 873 high school students across California who completed the program. Sophomores made up the largest majority of the participants at more than 60%. Average test scores among students were 77% and higher and comments were relevant and positive. More than half of the students responded that they were ready to make healthy diet changes “now” or “in the near future.” Only 16% of the group responded that “no changes” were necessary. More than half of the students also responded to increase physical activity and improve breakfast and sleep habits, speaking to the reach beyond nutrition that the Eat Move Win program offers. And speaking of nutrition, more than 80% of respondents plan to add fruits and vegetables to their diet. Yup, you heard it right, teenagers are going to eat more fruits and vegetables!

About Dairy Council of CA

Since 1919, Dairy Council of CA has been an innovator in nutrition education and the dairy industry’s contribution to community health. Dairy Council of CA produces balanced nutrition education programs and resources, which are free in California, for schools, health professionals’ offices and community health settings. Promoting the many benefits and uses of milk and  dairy foods, Dairy Council of CA's programs focus on making the best choices from all the food groups.

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