Five ways we LOVE our clients

How we love our clients and the work we do ... Let me count the ways!

By Cathy Dew

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’d like to take a moment to count just some of the ways we love our clients. Every day we tackle complex problems posed to us by our clients and work together to find simple, streamlined solutions that are sustainable and practical.

Here are a few recent examples: 

  1. Dairy Council of California – as proponents of “Continuous Responsive Improvement” we are working with the Dairy Council team to further improve the usability and graphic interest of their content-rich website. DCC editors are 95 percent self-sufficient in maintaining their Healthy Eating website. With a little Bootstrap and some new content containers, their content will shine even brighter.
  2. CooperVision – a new year and two (2) new countries are about to rollout as part of the global intranet, this time Benelux and Nordics (which technically represents eight countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.) With the new site spin-ups, global and regional content will be available and local content will be generated by the local office. 
  3. University of California at Berkeley – The UC Berkeley Academic Guide launched in mid-2015 and is now embarking on a quest to integrate powerful course search functionality into the guide. Making it easy and intuitive to sift through the myriad of courses to find what is right for you is our number one goal. 
  4. Ashton212 – with dozens of success stories under their belt, the folks at Ashton 212 need a new Case Study tool that allows them to generate well-designed case studies through a simple to use form. In the theme of CRI (“Continuous Responsive Improvement”), we are also expanding the minimum width and improving mobile menus, see Mobile sub-nav menus – where have you gone?
  5. ReActive Movement – with the new year and new growth, ReActive Movement needed a custom Profile tool allowing the ability to add new practitioners to her expanding practice. We are also working to improve the Sign Up experience for courses and teacher training curriculums. 

So, on this Valentine’s Day we want to say Thank You to our clients. We appreciate the challenges you bring us and value the partnerships we have developed over the years. We learn again and again that there is always room for improvement and working together we benefit from a holistic and collaborative partnership. XOXOXO

Cathy Dew
Cathy Dew – CEO + Information Architect
Cathy focuses the company on our mission – Real results. Every time. Information architect and strategist, Cathy is passionate about making software work well – the function, the feel, the result.
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