What SharePoint strategy is right for me?

SharePoint 2016 is coming soon, have you considered moving to the cloud?

By Anthony Baratta

With the latest version of SharePoint just around the corner, it’s time to look at your current SharePoint installation and see if moving to the cloud is the right move for your collaborative environment. SharePoint continues to support 3 flavors: on premise, cloud, and hybrid. But how do you know which is best for you?

Questions that will help you on your path:

  • How big is your IT department?
  • What version of SharePoint are you currently running?
  • How much customization have you already done to SharePoint?
  • Are you already migrating to the App Model and remote provisioning for customizations?
  • What kind of Microsoft Licensing contract do you currently have, and when does it expire?
What Microsoft will say…

If your current MS Office License is due for renewal, you will get the hard sell from MS to move to Office 365. Many of the license levels include SharePoint Online as part of the cost.

And it’s true that…

Small to medium sized IT departments will be able to redirect resources from having to no longer monitor and support the SharePoint infrastructure by moving to the SharePoint Online.

While one-size decision tree doesn’t work for everyone, how you answer the 5 questions listed above should simplify the challenge. Here are some scenarios to help you get started:

If this is you…
Then consider this SharePoint strategy
You decided to skip upgrading to SharePoint 2013 Now may be the time migrate to the latest version and move to a cloud environment
You have a lot of Farm Solutions and Custom Web Parts You should probably stick with on premise while you migrate your custom code to the new App Model
You are already on SharePoint 2013 Setup a hybrid solution with part of your SharePoint installation remaining on premise with other part moving to the cloud. E.g. Team / Departmental / Project sites move to the cloud, and your custom solutions stay on site
You are due for a brand new information architecture review of your SharePoint installation Use SharePoint online as your proof of design / sketch board while you work through how you want to re-architect your intranet
Whatever you decide

It’s not trivial to move to Office365 and SharePoint online. For example, you will need integrate your current Active Directory services into Microsoft’s online security model. Evaluating your current needs against current cloud features most definitely opens up some intriguing possibilities for your intranet and team / project collaboration.

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