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If you sense a lack of direction from Microsoft on which team collaboration tool is best for what, you are not alone.

By Anthony Baratta

Is There One-Size Fits All for Team Collaboration?

Why is MS providing 4 different tools that all appear to do the same thing? I was discussing team collaboration with a client the other day and they were flummoxed by the current team collaboration tool set offered by Microsoft. He complained there is a lack of direction from Microsoft on the sweet spot/usage for each team collaboration option which is compounded by the fact that three of the four use SharePoint as the base for services. Half of the tools currently offered have Exchange Group Email integration, and Microsoft has setup a self-help creation pathway that allows your employees to create hundreds of sites that your IT department can’t track via the Office365 administration tools and therefore can’t directly manage. Office365 Groups and MS Teams could easily turn into a governance nightmare.

How do you decide which tools to introduce into your company? How can you increase adoption of the best tools, and reduce or eliminate the usage of the non-supported applications? Sign up for our Office365 Team Collaboration Battle Royale webinar, where we’ll discuss the pros and cons of all the available tools, and how each of them could fit into your corporate environment.

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