uAspire Website Wins Top 10 Kentico Site of the Month

Kentico awards 10 Top Ten Sites of the Month from submissions around the world and uAspire is one of their picks for May 2018.

By Cathy Dew

2Plus2 Partners announces recognition and a Top 10 Site of the Month award for the recently launched website for uAspire, a nonprofit organization ensuring that all young people have the financial information and resources necessary to find an affordable path to and through college. In a union of creative energy, technology, and industry-leading content management software, the new website positions uAspire as experts and leaders in college affordability. If you need help getting to and through college, uAspire is for you.

uAspire partnered with 2Plus2 in a six-month long journey to reimagine the experience for students visiting the website and learning about the vital service this organization offers. uAspire provides one-on-one support and resources to navigate the complex financial aid process. They have College Affordability Advisors working in Massachusetts and the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, uAspire provides virtual advising – 100% text-based support – to students around the country. The website is fully integrated with and provides a secure way for supporters and donors to donate online.

Emphasis on social tools and an open welcoming environment were key to the new website. Implementing an editor-friendly content management system like Kentico CMS allows uAspire content editors to keep up-to-the-minute accuracy while maintaining and preserving the fresh brand consistency throughout was a priority one goal. Ensuring a positive mobile experience was also imperative.

“It's great working with web development partners, 2Plus2,” said uAspire Marketing Director, Carrie Fethe. “They are experts at what they do, kept us focused, delivered a great product, and met our deadline. And their commitment to us and our mission got us to the finish line,” added Fethe.

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Data indicates a college graduate will earn 1.8 times more income than a high school graduate.

In America, college is the most powerful engine for economic mobility. According to 2015 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a college graduate is 2.2 times more likely to be employed, and will earn 1.8 times more income, than a high school graduate.  Yet today only 12% of students from low-income families graduate college, according to The Pell Institute. Even then, they are more likely than their higher income peers to accrue substantial student loan debt that severely limits their economic futures.

Kentico’s Top 10 Sites of the Month recognizes 2Plus2 and uAspire for the dual commitment to achieving exceptional digital marketing across all channels. 2Plus2 are Kentico Gold Partners which represents the highest level of partnership for those demonstrating deep knowledge of the Kentico platform. “Creating vibrant energy and prioritizing the phone experience was a critical component of this effort,” says Cathy Dew, CEO and Information Architect at 2Plus2.

The importance of a well-design, well-executed, content-rich site cannot be overstated. Since its launch, reports the following:

  • Unique Page Views are up 37%
  • Average Time on Page is up 54%
  • Entrances are up 11%
  • Bounce Rate for Home is down 1,200%

You can visit the new website at

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