Spiceworks Reports IT Trends for 2017: Part 1 More Cloud Please

Did you catch the Spiceworks 2017 State of IT report? Lots of great info including the move to hosted solutions

By Cathy Dew

IT Trends for 2017 - More Cloud Please!

As evidenced in the recent “2017 State of IT” report published by SpiceWorks, the trend for businesses moving to cloud and hosted services is on the rise. This trend is especially notable in email hosting with Office365 adoption rates growing every year. As the report points out, the ability to access content from anywhere, allowing more work efficiency, is one of the strongest attractions.

Echoing global trends, we have noticed this direction with many of our clients. In particular, with the release and broad adoption of Office 365, we have seen a big uptake in migrating company intranets to the cloud. Of course it helps that SharePoint Online is included as part of the office suite. One of the huge benefits for IT departments is they no longer have to manage the complicated and expensive infrastructure required to operate a large SharePoint implementation.

Some of our clients are opting for a “hybrid” SharePoint installation (SP2013 or SP2016) for ultra-sensitive data that they would prefer to house behind a firewall. While this adds back some additional configuration, this is still more streamlined and requires less in terms of IT resources to manage and support. Check out our blog on this topic.

Another benefit of a cloud-based solution is that employees don’t need to VPN into the company network in order to access the company intranet. This has been met with everything from smiles to outright cheering. This new capability has also raised some interesting questions for companies that have traditionally not given intranet access to non-office workers, e.g., those in manufacturing or fulfillment. With a relatively cheap price point and no need for VPN, the ability to be more inclusive with the company Intranet is a real consideration.  

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