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3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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New Beginnings

January 27, 2017

Greenery is the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year

Every year, Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color and color systems, chooses a Color of the Year that represents a "snapshot of mood and attitude" from our global culture. This year, Pantone has selected a fresh and zesty yellow-green that evokes the first days of spring amid the lushness of the great outdoors. The busier our lives become the more we crave a connection to the natural world and "Greenery" takes us to that place. Check out the short video tribute to Greenery... and then go outside.

Weekend reads

Your Year in Design from InVision

From major rebrandings—good and bad—to fantastic new tools, augmented reality to industry-shaking innovation, 2016 had it all—and design led the way.


The Bleak Reality of "Homecoming" May Be Just the Distraction You Need

For those seeking distraction, tune into “Homecoming,” the first scripted podcast from Gimlet Media. In six 20-minute episodes, "Homecoming" takes the fiction podcast to a whole new level. The story is billed as a “psychological thriller” and cast with A-list actors including Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, Amy Sedaris and David Schwimmer. The plot seems both shocking as well as believable and the voice acting and innovative audio format suck you in from the start. You can find "Homecoming" here. Gimlet Media, founded by Alex Blumberg, is one of several companies pushing podcasts forward and we are big fans. p.s. If you're not already listening "Reply All -- a show about the internet" add that to your list too.

Is There a Perfect Answer for SharePoint Team Collaboration? Join Our Upcoming Webinar to Find Out

If you sense a lack of direction from Microsoft on which team collaboration tool is best for what, you are not alone.

Migration & Upgrade: SharePoint Online vs. On-premise vs. Hybrid

When migrating or upgrading your SharePoint intranet, you will have three options: SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-Premise, and SharePoint Hybrid.

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