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3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Giraffes Gone Wild

March 3, 2017

Now for a Completely Crazy Week for Giraffes in the News!

Meet Dobby, the newest member of the giraffe family at Denver Zoo! On Tuesday, Kipele -- the 23-year-old new mom and the oldest giraffe at the zoo -- gave birth to an unexpected baby boy. Zoo keepers didn’t know Kipele was pregnant, and didn’t have reason to expect she was, since she is on birth control! Kipele’s new baby giraffe, named Dobby, measures 5-ft. tall and weighs 73 pounds and let’s face it, is pretty darn cute!

Meanwhile, at Adventure Animal Park in Harpursville, NY, a different giraffe, named April, is expecting her fourth calf literally any minute! The park owner made news this week when YouTube briefly shut down April’s live stream citing “nudity and sexual content” The stream was back up and running shortly after YouTube realized their mistake. Not before stressing out a whole lot of people who are following April’s labor, right?!... You can check out April’s live stream and learn fun facts about giraffes here! Congrats April and Oliver!

Weekend reads

Design With Heart and Create Emotional and Lasting Experiences

Here are a few interesting reflections on  emotional design and how it relates to our thoughts, perceptions, and words. “As designers, I believe we should design with emotion in mind, but more than that, we should design with heart. Designing with heart involves imparting a little piece of yourself, and your emotions in everything you do, sharing the very fibres of your being with the world... Sharing what’s in your mind’s eye with someone else, is beautiful... Perception is your vision of reality.”


How to Craft More Usable, Useful, and Engaging Content

Content is in fact king and this article is packed full of excellent tips for making it engaging. “Good design can help you transform an otherwise good article into an epic resource.”

Learning techniques for how to reduce distractions for your readers and to encourage skimming are just a few of the helpful tactics I learned here. Giving readers a sense of place and context is also key. And finally we can't forget about the design as a critical element for making content engaging.

Business Process Analysis Template #6: Roll up Your Sleeves, Let's Write Requirements

Requirements documentation is an important communication tool in business process analysis projects and critical to systems selection or development.

Configuring SharePoint Site Collections: Use Managed Navigation to Put a Bow on Your SharePoint Site

In SharePoint Site Collections, managed navigation refers to configuring metadata term sets and using it to design your SharePoint navigation

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