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3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Trust or no trust?

April 12, 2019

We love McSweeney's always keeping it real, The End of Trust (McSweeney's Issue 54)

Weekend reads

Trusting Driverless Cars

Waymo One is a fully self-driving car service that has been operating in Chandler, Arizona since the start of this year. Originally Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, Waymo is now designing an experience they hope reassures riders every step of the way. So how exactly can driverless cars engender trust among riders? Interesting question and it starts with rethinking all the micro-interactions that happen between riders and human drivers... like, how do you hail a driverless car? There’s an app for that.

Intranet Design Quandary: To Prototype or Not to Prototype?

The intranet design experts at 2Plus2 break down why prototyping is a must-do during employee intranet creation and why you need experts on your side.

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