A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Kinetic Sculptures

May 5, 2017

Intellect, Emotion, Poetry, Existence and the Number 33

Reuben Heyday Margolin is an American-born artist and sculptor known for his mechanically driven kinetic sculptures of wave-forms. More importantly, Reuben is a longtime friend and supporter of 2Plus2, holding the distinction of longest serving Board member to date. If you have one of our wood block calendar bases, you have a little piece of Reuben's handy work. But you may not have the full picture yet... Reuben recently announced two new wave sculptures and they are AMAZING to say the least. The artist introduces them here:

Always inspiring, we want to share and celebrate Reuben's art. Keep on waving, Reuben, from some of your biggest fans! Photo credit: Contour by Reuben Margolin 2016.

Weekend reads

Would You Like Pepper on Your Entree, or Do You Prefer Bland Food?!

A recent trend on the internet is known as confirm shaming and is the practice of making users feel bad for opting out of an offer, say signing up for a newsletter or accepting a discount offer. The user-shaming labels are called manipulinks and as the term implies they are impolite.

NN/g says it best: "Each and every user interaction on your site is a conversation — you’re communicating with your users, and the interface is just the medium. Imagine a waiter at a restaurant saying, “Would you like pepper on your entree, or do you prefer your food to be bland?” Manipulinks are the digital equivalent of that interaction. If it’s rude to say it in person, it’s rude to say it in copy.

So avoid this awful practice and let's focus instead on filling the internet with positive interactions.

Provide Extra Protection With SharePoint Information Rights Management

Need extra protection to your SharePoint documents, libraries, and other assets? You might consider using information rights management.

Extending Your Website’s Reach – Multilingual Websites with Kenitco Pt. 2

Plan steps for a successful multilingual implementation with Kentico CMS and learn how to configure, manage and control the display your content.

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