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3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Full Moon Detox

May 12, 2017

An Excellent Time for Spring Cleaning Inside and Out!

Scorpio Full Moons can be a great time to do some purging and letting go of possessions or clutter — great for spring cleaning! Here at 2Plus2, it is taking the form of cleansing our bodies and that means lots of highly nutritious liquids and a clear lack of chewing.

Our friends at The Healist have an excellent program called the Superfeel Detox Challenge, a 10-day integrated mindbody approach to cleansing and nourishing. It is challenging and you will feel great! But don't take our word for it... go ahead and try it. Your mind and body will thank you!

Weekend reads

Improve Usability and Elevate Your Design With Consistency

"Create consistency to improve usability and to create delight by reducing unwanted surprises." Consistency is perhaps the most important design principle — the molecule of Design DNA, as the author states. And consistency is one of the design principles we violate the most. Sometimes creativity can get in the way. It is important to remember that consistent design is intuitive design and that makes the world a better place.


The IKEA effect — How to Make People Love the Product

The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias in which people place a high value on products they partially create. Products designed by IKEA and LEGO are perfect examples of this psychological effect.

"The IKEA effect will create a stronger bond between the user and the product. The effort that users will put into completing the product to a complete state will transform into love for that product. The subjective value will be higher in comparison to a product that hasn’t cost any effort."

The author goes on to state that the IKEA effect is not about the effort but rather about completion of the task. And of course, there's a sweet spot. Making things too easy does not automatically equal a better user experience. The trick is to find the perfect balance, requiring low effort with a high perceived contribution. Remember the journey is as important as the destination!

SharePoint Framework (SPFx): The Future of Customization

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) makes the shift to a fully supported client-side development model - are you ready?

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