A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Art is Everywhere

July 14, 2017

Shadow patterns as photographed in the lobby of the de Young Museum

Weekend reads

Aerial Photographer Captures Unusual Networks of Pattern Art

Munich-based photographer Bernard Lang is known for his aerial studies of industry, wildlife, and landscapes around the world. And he is off the hook with patterns! Check out Fish Farms, Adria, and Tulip Fields for just a few. Lang captures the world in such a way that it resembles art. There's more to explore on his site and it is stunning.


Tips and Tricks for the Most Common Design Patterns on the Web

Did you know that the web also uses design patterns? Internet experts Nielson Norman Group breaks down the two most common design patterns on the web -- Forms and Wizards. Read about their different functions and features and when to use each.

Tweaking Kentico CMS: Hiding Navigation from the Search Crawler

Plagued with landing pages flooding your search results? Learn to customize Kentico permissions and exclude your index crawler from seeing global elements.

Wow Employees with Extraordinary SharePoint Document Search: Part 1

SharePoint document search can be simple or complex, depending on the nature of what you are looking for and how large your SharePoint intranet is.

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