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3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Photo + Graffiti + Art

September 22, 2017

Synchronistic Images Captured in Soviet Era Swimming Pools by Photographer Maria Svarbova

Slovakian photographer Maria Svarbova's work has been described as having a sense of cool detachment and theatrical quality to the highly controlled scenes she shoots. This series, In the Swimming Pool, began in 2014 and is her largest project to date. And now she has published a book on the project. To see more of her photographs centered around Eastern European pools, head to her Instagram page.

Weekend reads

Banksy Unofficially Collaborates With Basquiat Outside the Barbican

Just days before the first large-scale UK exhibition of artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy stopped by in the dead of night to put up two murals. The new Banksy pieces seem to simultaneously speak to the prevalence of racial profiling while also challenging the Barbican Art Gallery's strict graffiti removal policy. Nice  tribute to his fellow artist if you ask me!


London's Barbican Art Gallery Debuts American Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat "Boom for Real"

If you're in London anytime between now and January 28, 2018, you can immerse yourself in the work of the pioneering prodigy of the 1980s downtown New York art scene, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat rose to fame in the late 1970s on the streets of New York as half of the graffiti duo SAMO©. Since his death in 1988 at age 27, Basquiat's influence on the art scene has remained enormous. With more than 100 works from museums across the globe and private collections, "Basquiat: Boom for Real" captures the spirit of this self-taught art, poet, DJ and musician.

From our blog

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