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3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Back to the Future

November 3, 2017

Remember to Turn Clocks Back Saturday Night...

Speaking of dated concepts, Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00am Sunday. Siri and Cortana know what time it is (please!) but your car and that microwave, probably not. So, turn back that clock, or live in protest like us and just leave it!

Weekend reads

Revamped 1967 VW Bus Becomes 'Back to the Future' Time Machine

I guess someone had to do it... You can literally go back in time with this revamped VW Bus that pays homage to the 1985 hit movie. You can actually buy one, sold through velocitymc. Like I said, bound to happen.


It’s Official: The VW Bus is Back, and it’s Electric

It's only five years in the future and it sure looks worth waiting for... a fully electric, fully connected car and it's an iconic Volkswagen!

Empower Kentico Editors By Giving Them Only What They Need

By keeping your permissions simple and templates clean, you keep your Kentico editors on task to do what they do best – create great content. Win-Win!

The Future of SharePoint Workflow Tools, Part 1

Are workflows disappearing from SharePoint? Not in the least. Microsoft is just once again evolving workflows for a new generation of SharePoint.

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