A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Road Trippin'

January 19, 2018

En Route in Yorkville on Hwy 28

This weekend we embark upon the vital celebratory get-away and welcome its rejuvenation of the soul.

Weekend reads

Ralph Gräf's stunning photographs of abandoned motels and gas stations along Route 66

Award-winning German photographer, Ralph Gräf, documented a recent trip along America's most famous original highway, Route 66. Caught in his images are many roadside reminiscences and curiosities from a day when long-distance car travel was common in this country.

Ralph's got a thing for abandoned and forgotten corners of the world as evidenced by previous work, Vacancy. And you can see his whole portfolio here.


New York Receives BE TIME, a Mobile Meditation Studio Set to Hit the Streets

Of course, not everyone can just pick up and hit the road for an adventure at any time. In fact, some of us are rooted here in place with some ferocity. So when you can't get away in the practical sense maybe you can find one of these... BE TIME for a fully transformative 30 minute ‘mind break.’

Kentico Connections: Pulling Data From SharePoint Online

Integrating third party data into Kentico doesn’t have to be a hair pulling experience.

Building a SharePoint Knowledge Base: FAQs and Bots

Knowledge Bases are not built in a day, you’ll need a variety of display options to help your users find what they are looking for.

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