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3 Things This Week: A Curated List of Interesting Stuff
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Tapestry of People

March 2, 2018

Revelations: Art from the African American South

My favorite part of Revelations: Art from the African American South is the Quilts of Gee's Bend. The quilts are created by a group of women and their ancestors from the isolated African-American hamlet of Gee's Bend, Alabama along the Alabama River. The Quilts of Gee's Bend are considered one of the most important African-American visual and cultural contributions to the history of art within the United States. The exhibit runs through April 1, 2018.

Weekend reads

Information On Different Types Of People For Graphic Communication, Website And Information Designers

You may be under the impression that design is a purely artistic job. However, there is much more involved operating under the surface. Most of the time, we are designing for a wide range of people. And to design and cater to as many people as possible, you must address their needs and the issues they face. If your design does that, it will work better for them, and the better your designs will be. This article breaks down statistics on demographics, different types of people, and related issues which is good info to have when designing for people. Cool infographic at the end of the article too.

Steps to Developing a Microsoft Data Protection Plan: Part 1

A Microsoft data protection plan is a strategy that utilizes Microsoft’s software, features, and tools to strengthen the security of your information.

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