Keep Content Current With Help From Intranet Champions

Keep your intranet fresh and your employees engaged with updated content so teams thrive and productivity soars.

By Cathy Dew

Everyone has heard the adage content is king and that is certainly true when it comes to your employee intranet. It takes an ongoing sustained commitment to content if you want keep your intranet fresh and your employees engaged. The goal, after all, is to provide a place where teams thrive and productivity soars!

Get by with a little help from your intranet champions.

Chances are that you are going to need some help managing content. In fact, in a perfect world you would be able to call upon a well-organized, engaged, efficient cadre of intranet authors and content managers.

Hmmm… wonder where you can find a group of team players already emotionally and time invested in the success of your intranet? It would be great if they were already trained in how to navigate the system and had taken the initiative to participate in the intranet design process.

Yes, you can tap into your team of intranet champions to find the right content creators for each substantive section of your intranet. Of course, you will need to make sure each content curator has access to the latest information they are responsible for, and that they are willing to go that extra mile to keep content current.


Focus first on most-used features.

At the start, you want to make sure that the most-used features of your intranet are updated regularly. Along with ensuring that your home page news pops, some must-stay-current sections include:


You probably have multi-purpose calendars on your intranet, designed to help teams track project milestones, promote company-wide events, communicate company holidays, let colleagues know who is traveling and where, and to act as reminders of other important company dates. Although it may seem like a minor issue, allowing your calendar to fall behind even by a few days can cause your users to lose confidence in all of the content on your intranet. Think of it as a kind of domino effect. The calendar is something employees will access every day. Keep it updated.

Company directory

There is nothing more exasperating than having to track down a colleague whose input you need NOW on an important project and finding that the directory shows an obsolete extension. And nobody wants to jump through hoops to locate that new associate in HR who has all the answers to their health insurance questions. She should have been added to the directory on day one. Running a close third on the annoyance meter is seeing a long-separated ex-employee’s information on the company contact list long after their desk has been cleared out. ‘Nuff said. Clean it up.

Central document repository and information library

Your intranet is supposed to have eliminated the endless searches through old emails, on company servers, or in hidden hard drive folders to find important documents and information that should be accessible at the click of a mouse. Don’t risk losing your intranet’s reputation as the go-to place for current resources. Throw out the old and replace with the new as often as needed.

Employee handbook, benefits, and time off logs and reports

One of the most used segments of an employee intranet is the HR page. In survey after survey, employees report that anytime access to their benefits and time off logs is a time-saver they appreciate. Don’t disappoint them and sour their employee experience. Keep the info impressive.

Ask for help when you need it.

Even if you have the best champions filtering through information to make sure you have what is needed to update your intranet, you still run into the problem of organizing and uploading the information in a manner that meets company guidelines.

2Plus2 can help you sift through the updates, set priorities, and even take the heavy upload lifting off your shoulders. Go online to schedule a free consultation with our team or call 510-652-7700 today.

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