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Our Services

2Plus2 Partners is a woman-owned and operated California corporation that has been providing web development and business application services for clients across a wide range of industries since 1995. 2Plus2 Partners provides strategic analysis, design and development of custom web-applications, CMS websites and Intranets. We are Kentico Gold Partners and have a deep bench in Microsoft SharePoint. Our solid reputation and proven track record of success is based on delivering quality products, on time and within budget, providing superior customer service and building long-term relationships.

What we do

Delivery Plus

We employ a proven, collaborative and adaptive methodology that ensures comprehensive analysis of content, creation of user experience, compelling visual design, smart CMS technology and programming for every project. Our patented process has been developed and refined over years of practice, practice, practice.

The spiral path depicts the iterative nature of the design and development process, circling at least twice through Content, UX+UI, Design, Front-End, Back-End phases. This allows the team to learn and refine all aspects of the final website or application, which indeed makes it better.

What else we do

  • Business Process Assessment
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • RFP Development
  • Vendor Review and Assessment
  • Implementation Planning + Support
  • Navigation + Page Layout
  • Content Organization
  • Usability Assessment
  • Interaction Design
  • Custom Identity Development
  • Brand Extension to the Web
  • Strategy + Messaging
  • Infographics
  • Concept Business Graphics
  • Print Collateral