2Plus2 offers strategy, design, and implementation services for CMS websites, SharePoint intranets and business process analysis.


Our proven development methodology sets us apart. Regardless of the project we go through these steps:
  1. We listen to you to understand your needs 
  2. We immerse ourselves in your world
  3. We record processes across all participants
  4. We design the interface and create a blueprint for development
  5. We configure, code, test and deliver
  6. We drive the project to completion, and provide premiere support moving forward

Process phases


who + what

We immerse ourselves in your business and dissect what you do and how you do it. We interview to verify the As/Is process so we can define the To/Be future state. We help you understand short-term and long-term solutions. And most important, we develop a clear picture of who we are serving. Then we work with you to balance competing priorities. Your budget may be limited. Maybe you need it yesterday. Or maybe your base technology is not where it needs to be. Whatever the challenges, we partner with you to solve your problem! In the case of large scale project, there is a roadmap.

In this phase we pick up from where we left off. Some of the artifacts of this phase include:
  • Personas, use cases, user journeys
  • Content inventory, requirements, features (prioritized) 
  • Framework, navigation
  • Schematics, wireframes, screen flows
  • Intranet platform options



how it works

With an indea of who is the audience (or customer)  and what we need to accomplish, we work on the solution. We draw the audience in with rich visuals. The design system orients the user and keeps them grounded. The interaction is intuitive so that the user is not lost or confused and can get work done. 

Design has three (3) distinct lanes that need to be considered:

  1. Information: everything from the navigation, menus and site structure to specific metadata and taxonomy that will be used across the Intranet in support of organization and search
  2. User interface: the look and feel of the Intranet. How is EBMUD branding realized on the Intranet? How are we integrating other systems and tools? Using soe of the use cases (from the Roadmap) and extending as  needed, start mapping out key journeys and screen flows
  3. All things technical: you have probably selected the base Intranet platform, now you can start designing that system

Some of the artifacts of this phase include:

  • User experience
  • Smart technology
  • Integrated toolset
  • Platform + toolsets
  • Hosting + hardware



make it happen

Delivering the system starts with configuring the selected platform and continues with integration. User Acceptance Testing ensures we meet the goals. User guides, role-based training and knowledgebases spread the word. In this phase, we do the heavy lifting, land the plane, get it done, get it right. There is nothing is worse than a site or app that doesn’t work. Yet the goodwill created by a system that is responsive and performs well cannot be understated. 

  • Build: hardware and platform 
  • Interface: mobile-ready templates, styled widgets
  • Content: page types, display grids, views
  • Training: editors, IT knowledge transfer
  • Launch: communications plan, help


What's next?

To grow and succeed, you need a development partner with the skills and perspective to understand your business and offer real solutions. With 2Plus2, you work with a team of professionals who have been refining our skills and chemistry for more than 20 years