We have a proven history serving our clients with the structure and discipline to get projects done. We empower companies to thrive from within and this looks different for each one. Whether it's reimagining processes, leading analysis and requirements gathering, integrating software tools, designing interfaces, supporting c-suite socialization or propelling projects to completion, we've got you.

Let us augment your team with designers, analysts, critical problem solvers and a proven, positive methodology to getting things done.

Strategy + Execution

To succeed a project must have a clearly articulated plan at its base. We help companies research and define project plans with roadmaps to success. We live by the maxim: plan the work and work the plan. Full involvement and support from leadership is critical and communication is the key. We keep everyone fully briefed on where the project is and how it evolves. Having an outside entity to hold the team accountable and keep focus on priority tasks is a powerful driving force. We provide rigorous vendor evaluation that formalizes the base need and narrows the field of candidates for best fit solutions. Strategy and execution services include:

  • Roadmap
  • C-suite socialization
  • Project propulsion
  • Prototyping and POC
  • RFP and vendor evaluation

Intranet Solutions

Employees are a companies' most valuable asset and effective intranets give employees feelings of connectedness, significance, and meaning. Having connected employees that feel valued translates into a more productive work force that directly impacts the bottom line of companies they work for. Embracing technology is part of this equation and at times part of the challenge. Culture is also an important mitigating factor. We help companies understand the culture and match the technology to create award-winning intranets that employees love. This is an ever evolving task and requires long term dedication and attention.

  • Technology evaluation
  • Content audit/inventory
  • Communication plan
  • Employee engagement
  • User experience
  • Information architecture
  • SharePoint consulting

Process Reinvention

In today's fast-changing world, reinvention is vital to future growth. We help companies reimagine how they do business. We examine processes to determine if the same way of doing things is still the best way of doing things especially as the promise of new technology is available. We connect systems, eliminate redundancies, streamline data flow, and create data models to ensure you are capturing the data you need. And then we present it in the format that works for you. We focus on the people doing the work to ensure the resulting system does what you need in the most intuitive way possible.

  • Business process analysis
  • Interviews, surveys and questionnaires
  • Requirements gathering by persona
  • Flow diagrams and As is/To be models
  • User guide and best practices
  • Knowledge transfer