The More You Know…Benefits of an Awesome Intranet Learning Center

Create an intranet learning center to elevate employee engagement during on-boarding and provide a beacon for internal training and continuous improvement.

By Cathy Dew

One of the most popular features of an awesome employee intranet is a learning center that houses answers to FAQs, current versions of policies and procedures, and easy-access to how-go guides and templates.

When created with employee experience in mind, this knowledge base can give new hires an onboarding experience that elevates engagement, while serving as the jumping off point for all your internal training. Your intranet’s learning center can even provide the perfect platform to teach every member of your organization how to make the most of the intranet itself.

When created with your employees in mind, your intranet learning center will be a beacon for interactive improvement and continuous job enhancement.


All onboard! Your intranet helps start employee engagement off right.

How you welcome new employees and what access you give them to information goes a long way in setting your new hires up for success. Research shows that effective onboarding can have a dramatic effect on job performance and satisfaction.

Not only do employees who have had a positive onboarding experience stay longer at companies, but organizations with a standard onboarding process achieve 50 percent greater new hire productivity.

The intranet knowledge base is your one-stop-shop for employee onboarding. While the material housed on the intranet won’t take the place of one-on-one greetings, office tours, and socializing opportunities, it does offer the new employee easy access to all the facts, forms, and fundamental information he or she is going to need from day one. By keeping your welcome packet, HR documents, policies and procedures manuals, company directory, calendars, and other resources on an intranet, you ensure that the information flowing to new hires is consistent and easily accessed.

Need a skills tune up? Tune in to your intranet for online training.

Everyone, at some time in their career, is going to need to keep up with industry changes and develop new skills. Your intranet is the ideal place for employees at all levels of your organization to get these much-needed tune-ups. And what better way to tune up than by tuning in to intranet training?

As long as you remembered to put your employees front and center during the design of your intranet, you should be able to use it as a dynamic training tool for years to come. Not only is your intranet’s learning center a place to upload your training course content library, class schedules, class registration forms, certificates of completion, and quick reference materials, it can also be the place where online interactive tutorials are contained. You can even set up a mentoring module where newer employees can seek advice from their more seasoned counterparts.

And if you really want to tap into your treasure trove of employee know-how, use this knowledge base to create your own workplace wiki. Since a wiki encourages users to upload and edit materials, you will be creating your own user-friendly continuous improvement resource. And the best part is you’ll have employees helping employees – and isn’t that what great engagement is all about?

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Organizations with a standard on-boarding process achieve 50% greater new hire productivity.

Use your intranet to teach staff how to use your intranet.

It may sound like a chicken and egg scenario, but you really can position your intranet’s learning center to train staff on how to best use your intranet. It’s not as counterintuitive as it may seem. All you need to do is make sure that you tap into your best intranet champions to help your less tech-savvy team members gain comfort in the new environment. Once everyone knows how to sign into the learning center directory, they can jump into tutorials on how to use your intranet’s most popular features, like document management and retrieval, the employee directory, company news, and corporate calendars.

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