Employee Intranets

Empower employees and enable companies to thrive


of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint


new SharePoint users everyday, for the past 5 years, totaling 100M users worldwide

2 out of every 3 Enterprise workers have SharePoint. Are you ready?

Employee Intranets

Systems fail due to a range of infrastructure issues

  • Content isn't properly categorized making it hard to find and difficult to manage
  • Specificity of metadata is lacking compromising search
  • Adoption rates are sabotaged lack of training, too many logins and clunky interfaces
We use SharePoint to help clients harness their data and develop a powerful collaboration tool.

Who should consider using SharePoint?

Employee Intranets

any company with assets that need to be protected, maintained and findable within the organization

Employee Intranets

big companies, small companies and everything in between

Employee Intranets

companies who have already installed SharePoint and need to extend features and improve the user experience

Employee Intranets

companies that have merged or acquired other businesses and want to reflect the new combined organization

SharePoint takes your global organization mobile, with powerful, reliable systems

Templates and skins (the framework of the user interface) are responsive out-of-the-box, ensuring that employees can work effectively, regardless of their device

Project tracking team sites deliver collaborative document management, team calendars, interactive discussions, making teams effective regardless of location or device

Workflow streamlines and tracks critical processes and approvalss, from corporate compliance to managing policies and procedures from HR to Finance.

Every project enjoys a thorough, thoughtful process and technical execution that engages the organiz

Every project enjoys a thorough, thoughtful process and technical execution that engages the organizations to deliver real results

Needs Assessment

Our needs assessment seeks to understand what you want to accomplish in new environments, ensuring that the entire team is aware of and in support of the project goals.

Comprehensive Intranet Evaluation

Our comprehensive evaluation of existing intranets seeks to understand document strategy, access levels, storage requirements and system mapping across locations.

Stakeholder Input

Before installing SharePoint for your company, we hold stakeholder interactive information design sessions to get everyone on the same page. Then, together, we refine and document your business and communication needs.

Powerful Search

For many organizations, the sheer volume of data is a primary issue, so a powerful search capability is key. We develop custom extensions, metadata and content categorization to enhance the search functionality.

Responsive and Mobile Ready

Of course the site is fully responsive mobile ready skin and template designs for each layout.

Top-tier Customer Service

From hands-on training, to detailed, easy-to-use online documentation, to ongoing support as each global intranet portal grows; we make sure that as our client, you know how to use our SharePoint designs before we hand-off a project.

Make teams more effective, regardless of their location

Make teams more effective, regardless of their location

We help clients leverage SharePoint’s powerful tools to tag assets, streamline maintenance and significantly improve findability of your valuable content resources.