UI Design and Implementation

CODA Energy

Customer dashboard connects businesses with realtime clean-energy savings


Annual cost of blackouts to US businesses

Portion of your bill based on demand peak charge

Average energy cost reduction for Coda customers

UI Design and Implementation


CODA Energy had a concept but needed someone to complete the design and implementation of its Customer Portal (PowerFlow). This included the implementation of both the client-side and server-side of the tool. Any recommendations to improve the usability are a bonus.


The resulting portal features a complete customer portal solution demonstrating the value of the CODA energy storage system. 2Plus2 integrated a D3 graphing tool that displays customer demand, utility usage and the energy storage power output. The customer can also view a savings-based view of their energy bills and see a realtime view of what is happening right now between the customer, the utility company and the batter storage system.

2Plus2 brings a complete team of designers and technologists to the table. I was impressed by their speed and efficiency in delivering on our vision. The customer portal is critical to the success of the technology.

Robert O., Technical Project Coordinator