Work delivers powerhouse of nutrition information

2Plus2 leveraged DNN's powerful CMS and diverse community contributions to create a single web property providing an engaging experience for both industry and consumer audiences.

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DCC wanted to combine their primary website designed to support nutrition education in schools and health agencies across California, with their very popular consumer site “Meals Matter” into one exciting “Healthy Eating” website. This effort was done in parallel with a rebranding campaign.

Real Results combines two well-established resources into one powerhouse of nutrition information with the launch of the website. 2Plus2 leveraged the powerful Dot Net Nuke (now Evoq) CMS and diverse community contributions to create a single web property providing an engaging experience for both industry and consumer audiences.

2Plus2 is our web development partner. They are able to translate our problems into technical solutions that are reliable. In our ongoing relationship, they are quick to respond and deliver first rate results. They understand our pain points and our budget and guide us to best use our web investment dollars.
LeAnne Ruzzamenti, Chief Marketing Officer, DCC

Evoq Professional delivers a comprehensive content and media database solution with an easy-to-use editing tool

The new CMS allows DCC to rely less on technical staff, giving content developers greater input into the end product, an integrated document management tool supporting the vast library of assets and a library of visual assets used to keep content fresh as part of ongoing publishing by DCC.  

The bottom line is that with the new CMS, the DCC in-house technical staff person decreased time spent on web projects from 20% of time to less than 5%.


Online website features registration that is integrated with back-end CMS

Developing a registration system within Evoq allows DCC to process some orders automatically, personalize the web experience for customers, and allow customers greater ownership of their user profile. DCC is just beginning to leverage this ability in other areas that will impact the bottom line, such as enabling customers to sign up for an auto renewal process. The implementation of registered user database provides the front door to online ordering of materials for educators and healthcare professionals.


Make it easy for your audience to find and consume your awesome content

Evoq’s internal search engine auto crawls all pages using Lucene code base. Content tagging and keywords deliver a full-service search across pages, documents and other media. 2Plus2 extended the tool to also search a database-driven third party article tool. This means that content can surfaced across the site while not being tied to a specific page.   

2Plus2 further leveraged the content-based taxonomy and tagging mechanism to support “More Like This” feature that cross-promotes content across the website based on keywords.