Leading contact lens manufacturer launches global employee intranet

World’s leading soft contact lens manufacturers leverages Kentico CMS and SharePoint Online to deliver best of breed for global company intranet and collaboration team sites. 

team sites collaborating
countries where products are sold
employees working worldwide
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Develop and execute on a comprehensive strategy for replacing the existing Intranet (global information portal, as well as team and initiative-based collaborations) as part of a deliberate shift to "global-first" mantra.

Real Results

2Plus2 worked with senior staff across the organization to develop a roadmap for Global Intranet. This effort analyzed how the current portal was used, its shortcomings and challenges. We worked with CooperVision IT to evaluate, select and specify sizing and licensing for Kentico CMS platform for the primary Intranet portal. Phase 1 including the US, UK and Canada, launched November 2, 2015.

Due to integration with Office 365, we explored and ultimately recommended SharePoint Online as the solution for team sites. Currently more than 40 teams are now collaborating, managing documents and streamlining their work processes.

2Plus2 brings a disciplined methodology to each and every project. Their design-first approach may be a lot of work upfront, but it ensures alignment before programming. They are customer-focused, solution-oriented team that drives to the best outcome. Real results. They get work done.
John Casella, Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Local / global tagging ensures relevant content delivery to each and every employee

2Plus2 developed a tagging mechanism that enables all content to be categorized based on geographical location (global, regional, local), department and usage. Cultures are aligned with locations to deliver language. This approach allowed CVI to eliminate duplicate content (global is global) and provide truly relevant content, e.g., HR benefits are different by state within the US culture. Employees receive all global content (translated based on culture), regional content (locations are hierarchical) as well as anything tagged specific to their community.


Content widgets with transformations and a menu of style containers ensure easy editing that is true to the brand

Based on an in-depth analysis of both existing content and a survey of desired capabilities (by persona), 2Plus2 developed a series of content widgets, data transformations. Page layouts provide flexibility in the depth, breadth and layout of each area of the site, across locations. Consistency in the placement of widgets helps create an overall system that is interesting and appropriate to each area (department) and location.   

Editors have easy tools to enter content. Final information rendering is automated providing a consistent look across the intranet. Content ranges from the typical news and events to FAQs, contacts documents and a series of videos produced by Corporate Communications.


Put employees front and center in the design of your Intranet – findability matters

Intranets can easily become replications of an organizations org chart making it hard for most employees to easily find important information. 2Plus2 worked with HR, Finance and IT to develop the "Employee Center" -- a one-stop shop for all critical information. Employees can now go one place to easily link to critical documents, sites tools and other pages on the intranet.   

Like many large organizations, there are a number of applications used internally by staff. 2Plus2 created a catalog of all business apps, easily viewed in one place. A summary page provides a summary of the application, it's use, a link to launch the application as well as a link to a corresponding page in the CooperVision University where all training resources are organized.