Mobile-ready lesson plan teaches nutrition to high school students

Combining learning with technology to create an engaging experience, Eat Move Win is a new, interactive high school program from nutrition education change-makers Dairy Council of CA.

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Client Ask

DCC a long-time provider of nutritional information and lessons to health care providers, teachers and schools nationwide wanted to take a new approach in providing lessons. The goal was to create an online interactive lesson aimed at high school students. To engage students, the online experience needed interactive games, videos, black-line masters, and resources. To make it easy for teachers to teach, assessments needed to be automatically graded and recorded in in an online class list. Technical requirements included:

  1. The entire curriculum needed to be editable by non-technical users leveraging the existing DNN CMS.
  2. Authentication needed to be tied into the existing CRM which includes most California teachers and many out-of-state instructors nationwide.
  3. The courses needed to work on mobile devices cause pretty much all students have phones.
Real Results

The Dairy Council of CA teamed with long-time development partner, 2Plus2 Partners, to build the online course module. The result is a free online five lesson interactive program. Fully supported on any device, this program teaches and reinforces lifelong skills for a healthier lifestyle. Teachers set up their own classes and the application generates student logins for distribution.

Formative testing of the Eat Move Win program took place last Fall and included 873 high school students across California who completed the program. Sophomores made up the largest majority of the participants at more than 60%. Average test scores among students were 77% and higher and comments were relevant and positive. More than 80% of respondents plan to add fruits and vegetables to their diet. Yup, you heard it right, teenagers are going to eat more fruits and vegetables!

Working with 2Plus2 to expand functionally in a way consistent with our growth and cause has made more possible sooner. We are a good team!
Maureen Bligh, MA, RDN, Project Manager for Adult Learning and Education

Role-based content display

Different information is needed to based on whether is a teacher or a student.  The system was designed to allow for two distinct roles, so the proper information is displayed.  The student view displays only the lesson.  The teacher view always more information to be surfaced such as background materials, a program planner to help prepare to teach the program, and additional information and materials as optional ways to enhance the program 


Fun interactive program with or without devices

In today's world many students have either their own devices as well as smart phones. The system is designed to allow access on individual student devices (laptops, tablets and phones). However in some areas, not all students have access to computers and/or devices. The lesson can still be delivered to classes with limited or no access to devices. 


Online quizzes with immediate scoring

Each lesson contains a 10-question quiz.  Scores are automatically saved to the teacher area and available for immediate download to copy to grading sheets or system as needed. The teacher can also monitor students who have not completed the quizzes.  


DCC manage content without support

As with any CMS the goal is to allow the client to manage their content without technical support.  DCC as the owner and experts on the subject matter has the ability update content as topics change, new or more relevant materials are available, or feedback from users that some topics or areas require more or less information.