Online Permits encode tariff and compliance for Ports of Oakland and LA

Accessible via the web, the Dangerous Cargo Online Permit system (DCOP) is an easy-to-use workflow tool to codify the port's tariff, automate permits and meet regulations for dual approval.

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Replace a fax-based permit approval process to improve the quality of approvals and decrease the time-to-receipt for terminal operators

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Accessible via your internet connection from anywhere in the world, the Dangerous Cargo Online Permit system (DCOP) is a user-friendly workflow tool that provides permit entry, permit approval and electronic distribution of the approved permit to the requesting cargo owner or driver. Initially developed for the Port of Oakland, DCOP is now being used by the Port of Los Angeles. More than 100,000 permits have been processed using DCOP.

We have worked with 2Plus2 for 10 years as the vendor for our Dangerous Cargo Online Permit system. They have an excellent level of customer service. They are very personal and have met all the Port of LA’s requests and demands.
Dong Lee, Los Angeles Port Police - Support Services Division / Haz-Mat Unit

Encode Your Tariff

Every Port has locally governed rules and regulations surrounding the hazardous and radioactive materials permitted to arrive and depart the port. Using DCOP, you can specify weight limits and time restrictions for individual classes of materials or a combination of classes, as well as, lead time for submitting a permit.  

Port Administrators can add, edit and remove restrictions to remain compliant with tariff rules as needed via the application's administrative interface thus eliminating the need for IT support.


Permit Entry

Facilitated Input

Permit entry is designed to be as simple as possible for the operator incorporating 'type ahead' fields where appropriate. Operators can easily link permits together for multiple containers arriving or leaving on the same vessel.

Immediate Validation

The operator can validate a permit to see if it is compliant and complete, meets time requirements, and within weight limitations for the port.

Streamline Search

Searching for specific permits can performed by entering a complete or partial permit number.


Review and Dual Approval

DCOP provides an automated workflow supporting asynchronous review and approval. Approvers have the ability to approve multiple permits at once on a single screen.  

Once the permit is submitted, the system notifies approvers of a pending permit and waits for the required dual approval. While both parties must approve the permit either party can reject it. Once a permit receives full approval the operator is notified and can now access a PDF of the approved permit and/or email a PDF directly from the system.