Online toolkit provides knowledge base and community for solid waste industry

Working with DNN Evog community-edition, 2Plus2 designed and produced a family of websites to facilitate municipal composting programs and build a community of resources.

year the US Composting Council was established
3 to 6
Number of months for compostable plastics to decompose
Number of websites in the CCREF family
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The initial project entailed working with the U.S. Composting Council (USCC) Compostable Plastics Task Force to develop resources that clarify, educate, and offer public agencies policy direction on managing compostable plastics in local solid waste programs.

The new website was well-received and CCREF obtained the first round of additional funding which they used to engage 2Plus2 to create a parent site and platform for a growing suite of online tools promoting composting and recycling. CCREF’s mission is to provide local governments with the information and resources needed to launch successful residential composting programs in their communities.

Real Results

2Plus2 worked with the Compostable Plastics Task Force to develop a clever, easy-to-use toolkit to engage the community of cities and municipalities about compostable plastics. The toolkit is organized to provide resources and community engagement for all phases of a program lifecycle.

Working with CCREF, 2Plus2 created a brand family across all web properties. This continued previous work with US Composting Council (a CCREF partner) to design the CP toolkit for compostable plastics. The Curb-to-Compost (C2C) toolkit is a companion resource which features training videos on how to be a proper composter and a library of articles on building and maintaining a successful Curb-To-Compost program. The result is heightened interest and engagement in making composting work – as the community grows, so do the quantity and quality of the tools.

2Plus2 is an experienced team of skilled and creative, detailed oriented, incredible critical thinkers. They are as passionate as they are smart, but will not do anything incorrectly or in haste and always go the extra mile. For the Compostable Plastics Toolkit, 2Plus2 provided great content design, development and layout. The implementation of the DNN Evoq CMS has empowered us (CCREF) to manage the toolkit moving forward.
Leanne Spaulding, Chief Administrative Officer/ Development Officer

Comprehensive content and media database solution

Comprehensive content and media database solution (CMS) for the main Intranet portal using the community version of DNN Evoq

  • Easy-to-use content templates allow users to leverage WYSIWYG interface to manage all site content including repeater tools for News and FAQ
  • The most recent news item is featured on the “parent” CCREF website home page
  • Complete publishing control over all content

Branding matters

Consistent brand across the main CCREF site and both of the tools, Compostable Plastics and Curb-to-Compost, create a recognizable family of web properties for the Composting Council Research & Education Foundation


Collaborative tool drives engagement

  • Cross site promotion across the family of sites via a series of feature tiles
  • Comments and rating for tools within the Compostable Plastics toolkit
  • Community call for submissions to enhance the use and relevance of the Compostable Plastics toolkit