UC Berkeley Academic Guide is a hit with top universities

2Plus 2 provides strategic direction, information architecture and visual design to create a premiere user experience for students and parents with new online Berkeley Academic Guide.

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Create a dynamic, one-stop academic catalog which reflects the culture of UC Berkeley. The goal was to develop a compelling online catalog of curriculum that started based on the academic program. This required flipping the view and the mindset of the faculty, who think about learning from a departmental (administrative) perspective. Instead, the new online experience would be student-centric – which starts with a program.

Real Results

The Berkeley Academic Guide encourages students to imagine their education as a whole, not just as a checklist of classes. The guide is comprehensive, easy to use and visually captivating and was praised at the recent meeting of the Association of American Universities (AAU). Members of the association, which includes top universities in the country, were very impressed with UC Berkeley innovative approach and many of these schools are now developing similar guides for their academic programs.

2Plus2 brings really smart people to UC Berkeley projects. They work hard and they always deliver – no drama, very honest, transparent and responsive. They manage time well, they are available and respectful. They mean what they say and understand the creative needs of our projects. 2Plus2 cares about the quality of the project, and they get it done.
Johanna Metzgar, Assistant Registrar